LINKS The owner of Old Skool Carbs is Rick West and he does AWESOME work. He can rebuild almost anything, his prices are reasonable, and his work is fantastic. I had him rebuild the carbs for my XS650 (which were box finds) and my Honda CM250 (which was so gummed up tht you couldn't turn the throttle when I got it). These are the guys that I bought the first Chopper kit from. This is a Motorcycle Club founded in Kabul, Afghanistan I bought my lift from another company years ago but Harbour Frieght now carries the same lift for a better price. I'm sure that many of you will be interested in this site as soon as you see the awsoe job that Guy did on my custom seat. This is a brand new website.... I was actually so happy working with GUy that I bought the domain name and stood the site up for him. He will be adding content as he gets time. Dan just made a sick seat for Chandlers new project. Check out his work (and his great prices). This is the site for MDO Modern Cycles. Unfortunately Ed Miller passed away but Maureen and Bobby are still running things. For those of you in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia... you should check out MDOs "supervised self-service" program. This is the Montgomery County Chapter of the Harley Owners Group. These folks do some great rides! Killboy takes pictures at the Tail of the Dragon. Check out his blogs.... updated every week. This is another site about the Dragon More stuff from the Dragon These guys built the awesome weld on Hard Tail that we used on Lance's Sporty. Seriously, it took about 20 minutes to completely install this thing.



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