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Shop Toys and Projects


Just some tools and projects that we built for the new Rigby Shop...

JJ's Hardtail


Chander and JJ are building a Hardtail out of parts that JJ has picked up over the last couple of years.



The Hot Rod Golf Cart


Greg recently purchased a Golf Cart with not motor.  Looking to build something with a little more power.  Perhaps the motor from a Buell X1 will do the trick.



The Rigby Shop


Greg moved ot Idaho in the Summer of 2020 and was able to get enough land to build a shop.  This is the shop under construction (and complete).


Here is a link to Shop Toys and Projects



The Armagheddon Trailer


Greg started building this trailer in 2019 for a trip to Tuktoyuktuk (in the Yukon Territories) in 2020.  Unfortunately Canada was closed dur to COVID so maybe next year.



The Armagheddon Trailer



Chandler's Pan

This is Chandler's 54 Pan frame with a 56 motor. The frame is stretched, welded, cleaned, finished, and finally chrome plated.


Chandlers Pan

Cross Country Bikes

Greg bought these 2013 Suzuki DL650s early in 2014.  He fabricated the bags, brush guards, installed lights and power outlets. He and the boys did a tour of the United States the Summer of 2014. 11,000 miles in 32 days.


Cross Country Bikes


Three WeeStroms




JJ's Hot Rod Stroller

JJ built this Hot Rod stroller for his son.


JJs Hot Rod Stroller

Justin's Bobber

Justin is a friend that we met in Iraq.  This was his Bobber..... He has since picked up a Road Glide.


Justins Bobber

Lee's Chopper

Lee had a pile of parts laying around for quite some time.  He asked us to do some of the assembly and finish up the fabrication work.


Lees Chopper

Chandler's Bagger

Chandler picked up this AMF Harley that had been sitting outdoors for nearly 14 years.  He gave it some love and now it is showroom new.


Chandlers Bagger

JJ's 52 Chevy Pickup

JJ bought this 52 Chevy pickup sitting on a 87 S10 frame.


JJs 52 Chevy Pickup














Greg's Caddy

This 1960 Sedan DeVille is chopped 3", on air, suicide doors, 20s on the rear and 18s on the front. I also has a Cummins 6BT (12V) and a NV4500 5 speed tranny.



Cummins Caddy

JJ's 54 Sedan

This project is still in the parts collection stage.  We will get started soon....



JJs 54 Chevy Coupe

JJ's Jeep

JJ build this Jeep and sold it.


JJs Jeep

Dave's Hardtail

Dave bought this hardtail and it was sort of a mess.  We fixed all the jacked up stuff so he had a safe bike to put on the road.



Daves hardtail

Fred's magna

Fred was tired of the stock Honda look and feel.  He wanted a rigid and gave me a call.  He asked if it was possible to make a rigid out of a Honda.... I told him we can make a rigid out of anything. All it takes is time and beer.



Freds Magna

JJ's Deluxe

JJ bought this bike bone stock. He's never been one to leave well enough alone.... it's had several modifications, including multiple color changes.



JJs Softail

Kenny's Deluxe

Kenny wanted to convert his bike from a "street bike" to a "road bike". He has done several long distance trips so I'd say it was a success.



Kens Deluxe

Greg's Bagger

Greg originally bought a museum quality 94 Ultra Classic. Original has never been his thing....




Gregs Bagger

Randy's Chopper

Randy drove by JJ's house for over a year. Seeing the garage door open all the time with JJ building, Randy finally stopped and asked if we would build him a bike. We did.... and he painted it so it looked like a New York Mets team bike (so ugly). Finally after years of getting crap for the colors he painted it black/black.  Much better.



Randys Chopper











This is a 06 Suzuki DL650 (VStrom) in a hand-made frame. Most of the fabrication work is completed..




Lance's Ultra

Lance bought this Ultra for the ride to Sturgis.... that was years and several trips to Sturgis ago.



Lances ElectraGlide

El Cheapo

We started helping Sam with this project but he eventually got into Jeeps and lost interest.



El Cheapo

JJ's Glide

JJ got this 79 FL years ago.  Like everything he owns, it has been through several modifications and color changes.




Lance's Sporty

Lance got a deal on a basket case Sporty.  We put some time into it and made it cool.....



Lances Sporty

Derek's Deathtrap

Derek got this very used skoot from a guy in Southern Maryland.  He brought it to us on a trailer because it didn't run.  I was pretty ugly too.  He asked us to get it running and "make it cool".  I need it for Daytona Beach in two weeks....... yeah, we made it.



Dereks Deathtrap


Not your average Honda CB750.....





Chandler's Chopper

Chandler really likes to build them pretty..



Chandlers Chopper

Chandler's 69 Shovel

Yeah.... pretty.



Chandlers Shovel

Bob's BWM

We built a Custom Chopper for the Bob's BWM (The oldest BWM Motorcycle Dealer on the East Coast of the US). He gave us a R1200C and cut us loose.



Bobs BMW

Willy's Softail

Willy lives in Munich, Germany.  He bought his bike from a dealer in Arazona and had it shipped to me.  He sent an extensive list of modifications he wanted (250 rear tire, custom swingarm, etc. etc.). Got everything completed, shipped the bike to Germany, and it passed the TUV inspection on the first try.



Willys Softail

JJ's Ironhead Sporty

This was the first chopper JJ ever built.  Pretty much started with a parts bike and made this thing.... simple and awesome.



JJs Ironhead Sporty

Lampo's Skoot

Lampo wanted something totally custom so we built this one from scratch. 300 rear tire, 127 inch motor, right side drive, auto clutch..... and this thing is low, low.



Lampos Skoot

Joshua's Project

When Joshua was 15 I bought a bone stock Honda CM250 Custom.  We took the Sawzall to is to make it really custom. He is 24 now so I sold it this Spring. Still runs and rides like a champ.



Joshuas Honda Chopper


RREBAR was a Custom Chrome kit bike.  I kept the important stuff, sold the rest, and built what I needed. It's been to Sturgis a couple times and done several other long rides to shows. Really great bike....




The Muell

This 97 Buell Cyclone was fast but didn't handle well and looked totally goofy. It had been sitting in the corner of my shop while we were building RREBAR. Once we finished that project Chandler asked what I planned to do with the Buell.... so we put it on the list and want to work. Still crazy fast, handles a little better, and looks pretty cool now.  



The Muell

Mad Max

Chandler gets bikes in his head and the only way to get them out is to build them. Mad Max was a really cool jockey shift bobber.



Mad Max

Jim's Hammer

This 1972 XS650 was built to  resemble a 40's style flat tracker.  Kick only, leaf-spring springer front end, rigid frame, heavily modified Honda fuel tank, custom ignition.... this bike had it all.



Jims Hammer

Exhaust for E

E wanted a custom cocktail shaker exhaust. I just added to the existing system, through in some 45 degree bends and shaker tips.


Exhaust for E

JJ's Rat Rod

Chopped 40 something Chevy truck cab. Shortened bed, closed-in Model A frame, small block, turbo 400.


JJs Rat Rod Pickup

JJ's 51 Soapbox Ford

51 Soapbox on air... flathead V8. Awesome.


JJs 51 Ford


When the kids were young I couldn't just build "grown up stuff".




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